Individual LED lighting systems, fitted to your wishes are our particular strength. We consider ourselves as ideas provider and problem solver at once.

We develop for you customized special LED luminaires and lighting systems for indoors and outdoors of the industrial project – rapid, flexible and creative.

For customers of the mineral oil industry we’ve realized
three projects in recent years, successfully:

1. LED-Downlight

Performance requirements:

Conversion of conventional lighting into LED. Difficulty: the LED-Lamps have to be adapted into an already existing body


Insert equipped with LED for the existing body by use of COB pads

2. Retrofit-Downlight

Performance requirements:

Development of universal downlights for illumination of gas station canopies in several variations


Construction of individual downlights with customized luminous emittance

3. LED-Tubes

Performance requirements:

Conversion of blue neon strip light into LED


Development of base plates for tubes equipped with dual blue diodes to reach an illumination of nearly 360°

Furthermore we are developing ourselves constantly, to be up to date for you and your needs.

True to our business philosophy “what doesn’t exist, hasn’t just nobody developed yet”, you can give free rein to your desires with us.

Feel free to contact us already today!