Digital Signage

mix-l-logoInteractive Digital Signage

That sustainability has many faces, confirms. The view at the retail spaces in the future confirms that sustainability has many faces.

Individual experience areas are increasingly opening the possibility of a lively exchange of information between suppliers and consumers.

The interactive digital signage solutions of Light Alliance Europe AG are increasing already today the sales and customer loyalty in the retail spaces of well-known automobile manufacturer throughout Germany.

The facts speak for themselves:

  • about 70 percent of all purchasing decisions are reached at the point of sale.
  • the revenues from the sales of products which are advertised at the medial point of sale, is 50 percent higher than the sales of traditionally advertised products.
  • Medial contents have measurable impact on consumers’ purchase decisions. Use the power of multimedia information at the point of sale. Give your customers the feeling that they have chosen their decision independently for your products and services and increase your revenue through interactive digital signage solutions of the Light Alliance Europe AG.