Fields of application

Storesign can be simply described as a “digital price sign”, but it’s even more. It’s a product information system, which shows, beside the price, special offers, highlights and trailer in a passive and interactive mode. It could be also used as a digital door-plate or information medium in a museum or gallery. All this is possible with Storesign’7 . It enables the client to get an overview and spares a first personal consultation. The possibilities are unlimited.

On the wall...

Due to the hidden connectors, Storesign can be installed
on a wall (surface mounted) or even flush mounted.

Storesign an der Wand
Storesign auf der Verkaufstheke

On the counter...

Using its built-in stand, Storesign can be placed at
eye level on a counter or consultation desk. The possibility
to fix a Kensington lock gives additional security.

On the shelf...

Storesign can easily be connected to a shelf using
a special shelf mount. There it can be used
for example as a price tag or product consultant.

Storesign am Verkaufsregal

On the ceiling...

Professional solutions also exist for individual demands.
Example: A ceiling suspension of several Storesigns,
which are connected to a an electrical bus bar.

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