The first Android™ SMIL player for commercial usage.





SMILdroid™ is an Android™ based Digital Signage software based upon the SMIL standard, that allows you to display content on almost any Android™ device with Android 2.3 or higher.



Interactive menu

interaktives menu

On touch it displays the menu and the user
can jump to a content.

Slide mode

slide content smildroid

User can slide from one content to
the other like on a smartphone.





What is SMIL

Synchronized Multimedia Integration
allows presenting media
items such as text, images, video,
audio, links to other SMIL presentations,
and files from multiple web servers.

Multimediale Inhalte


  • playlists, event-driven playback
  • USB content distribution
  • WEB CMS content distribution
  • Dropbox content distribution
  • automatic interactivity with
    touch-screen devices

smildroid features