Digital Signage Services

There are no limits for the application area of digital signage.
Therefore, we recognize the need and develop ideas.
Project planning
The media mix is complemented by digital signage to another important building block. We help you to turn your ideas into successful processes: the potential analysis, conceptual integration, resource planning, and much more.
Design templates creation
From an Eyecatcher up to the relevant information. According to your corporate design, we provide the appropriate and successful screen design.
Successful digital signage requires infotainment to offer his visitors the latest information and entertainment. We provide you a high-quality and current content. This offer is only a supplement – our software miX-L works of course also without that content, according to your wishes.
Media conversion
Through our wide range of ad formats, you can easily supply, adapt, and update your content. Of course it is more convenient, to left the complete work to the professionals of the Light Alliance Europe AG.
Graphic work
Not always you’ve time and resources to deal with the processing of your data. We’re left to your content so that your content will appear correctly, timely and visually appealing on your digital signage system.
Also regarding medium-friendly contents is the Light Alliance Team the right contact. We assume for you the CI accurate creation of individual advertising according to your specifications, whether animated template or animated spot, we are able to offer adequate solutions.
Interface adaption
The expert of the Light Alliance Europe AG can help you to integrate your system optimally into your existing workflows. A clever implementation, in consideration to your databases, ensures the effective transfer of information and the success of your digital signage system.
New possibilities create new ideas and new implementations. Light Alliance can help you to optimize your digital signage system, and giving you the assurance that the miX-L digital signage solution is continually evolving. Due to the modular structure of miX-L software, new features will be implemented in a short term.