ISE 2013 successful

Messestand Newsletter

Introduction of Storesign‘7 thrills visitors

We are pleased to look back on our participation at this year’s Integrated Systems Europe, where Light Alliance Europe AG presented itself as a competent provider of digital signage products.

The unique design of the exhibition stand was an eye-catching attraction that invited visitors to enjoy our team’s presentation of the newest products.



This year’s real winner: Storesign'7
Applying our software SMILdroid to the first Android tablet sign with retail compliance, we managed to combine modern tablets and innovative software.


Nevertheless, Storesign’7 is much more than just a “digital price tag”. Beside the price of products, you can also present details of offers, special highlights and product videos – either as a passive message or using interactive features. You might also use Storesign’7 as a digital door-plate or information medium for POI in a museum or gallery. This provides clients and customers with a quick overview and might even cover as a first consulting. The possibilities are endless.


Front Cover




SMILdroid™ - the first Android SMIL player for commercial usage
Content can be distributed via USB, Dropbox or any SMIL CMS. As a result, SMILdroid is directly compatible with digital signage systems that support the SMIL standard. The use of the Dropbox mode is a highlight, especially for small businesses.


Contents of any Dropbox can be displayed automatically; a playlist is created automatically or can be added as a .SMIL or .TXT file. The app, however, can also be used in an interactive way. The option “Automatic Thumbnail Menu” creates a menu out of the current contents, which appears on touch and shows preview images and names of the files. Beside the automatic player function, contents can also be chosen directly. When “Automatic Sliding” is activated, users can glide from one content to the other, like on the display of a smartphone . The SMILdroid app completes perfectly the player-range of our digital signage CMS “miX-L” and answers to the needs of the low-cost market segment as well as to the lower-cost expansion of existing digital signage systems.

Interactive menu

interaktives menu

On touch it displays the menu and
the user can jump to a content.

Slide mode

slide content smildroid

The user can slide from one content
to the other like on a smartphone.




For those interested in running a trial Storesign’7, we have created a special offer valid till February, 22nd 2013. For further information and our order-form please click here.

Translook Fridge



Just another innovation: the TRANKSLOOK fridge
This must-have is a highlight especially for restaurants and night clubs. Not only will this fridge cool foods and drinks, its door’s surface further serves as a digital advertising space. This way, brands can present themselves and their products more effectively.





miX-L Logo
Light Alliance Logo

Beside the elements of solution for individual and creative Digital Signage applications, on the basis of some project examples, we also presented a lot of innovative expansions of our already extensive Digital Signage software miX-L (

Here are some impressions of the trade fair.